Eric Bergen

Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2009
Project Price: more than $100,000

"Kent Sciutto and his Turn-Key team did an excellent and thorough job building me my home. Kent helped me find an architect, helped refine the design to best fit the property setting and then served as my general contractor to complete the home building project. We became friends through the process, because Kent is very easy to communicate with - he listens, responds and recommends! He seems to have an excellent rapport with his subcontractors. Kent is also quite knowledgeable about custom home building, especially for $1M+ homes. He kept me in the loop through the whole project - and provided regular updates on expenses compered to our budget. He delivered the project on time and within budget, including change orders. The home turned out beautifully! 

Thank you, Kent!! "

Murray Duncan Architects Inc.

Relationship: Colleague

"Kent is a very professional and knowledgable General Contractor. The best part is he is also a nice and honest man with a great sence of humor. I highly recommend Tunkey Construction."

jon moness

Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: February 2008
Project Price: more than $100,000

"Very well organized, easy to communicate, finished on time. He is an excellent guy to work with. 
I highly recommend him."

Milestone Studio

Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: January 2011
Project Price: more than $100,000

"I have worked with Kent Sciutto of Turnkey Construction for more than a decade. Over that time I have worked on Custom Homes, Spec projects, Commercial TI projects and Residential Remodels/Additions. In all of these different types of projects Kent has been a straight shooter with clients about project time frame, cost and expectations. This makes him a good choice to use on your next project or refer to new clients." 

Donald Fugina

Relationship: Colleague (Architect)

"Turn-Key does a fantastic job. Kent is articulate, passionate and committed to providing the best product available at a competitive price. He is willing to work with his clients to provide a home that meets their needs - we continue to recommend him to our residential clients."